A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

We offer all levels of care. Once a client is a part of the Synergy Family, from detox until our alumni program, they have Synergy support for the rest of their lives.


Based Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our Mission at Synergy Sobriety Solutions is to treat each person with an individualized treatment program. Each person is different and must be treated accordingly. Our sole purpose is to learn, understand, and address each person’s individual issues that are leading to their substance abuse. Synergy offers individualized care in a completely safe, loving, supportive, family-like atmosphere.

We are the Bridge to Recovery


The national overdose rate has risen 100% over the past decade, reaching 70,237 last year. Synergy is treating this as a war, a war that we are losing. We are opening our minds, knowledge, and care to help each individual not become a statistic.


Palm Beach Gardens has one of the most beautiful and relaxing environments in the USA to revigorate yourself during your recovery. You will be able to enjoy long walks and fresh air to feel better day after day. We believe that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to overcome addiction.