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Our Mission

At Synergy Sobriety Solutions, we believe addiction is a treatable disease and when equipped with proper skills, you can transform yourself by achieving recovery. Our enthusiastic team of professionals is dedicated to utilizing all available resources in designing a care plan that satisfies your personalized needs. Our experienced clinical and medical team is here to help you obtain freedom from addiction and acquire abilities to manage everyday stress, gaining lifelong sobriety.


A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

We offer all levels of outpatient care for substance use and co-occurring disorders for adults ages 18 and older. Advantages of outpatient care include tailored schedules with comprehensive therapy to provide better client experiences. Our average length of stay is 28 to 45 days, although the duration may vary.

Just north of Miami, you can experience the finest that Palm Beach Gardens has to offer, including, acres of the pristine, subtropical coastal environment, world-renowned golf courses, museums, and marine life centers. Call now. Our specialists are waiting, ready to assist you in choosing the best treatment program to help you start a new beginning.

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Synergy Strong

We treat a variety of substances, and our exclusive recovery center is explicitly designed to help you identify underlying factors that have contributed to your addiction. We simultaneously assist you in repairing the relationships with those you love most. We view each of our clients as a ‘whole’ person, highlighting body, mind, and spirit in our wellness approach.


Palm Beach Gardens has been carefully selected as the origin of our outpatient treatment programs. Here, in a mild climate and a safe environment, you can seek rehabilitation without distraction.

Being surrounded by a relaxing, healthy ambiance at our premiere facility, you can allow yourself to feel unguarded in order to focus on developing a relationship with your authentic self.

There are distinct reasons for each person entering into treatment. We recognize that no two people are the same and each person requires their own unique path to healing. Our programs allow for specialized treatment based on your specific needs and challenges helping you strengthen your foundation for a successful long-term recovery.

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