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Your Journey Begins Here

The first step in beginning the recovery process is detox. We must physically get well before we can emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically get better. It is essential that an individual rids the body of all the toxins accumulated throughout active addiction. We strongly believe in keeping our clients as comfortable as possible, medicated properly as withdrawal symptoms can be fatal. Many people are reluctant to attempt recovery out of fear of withdrawal. At Synergy, you need not have those fears. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so you can begin healing and embrace a new chapter of life through recovery.


While Synergy Sobriety Solutions does not offer detox, our qualified treatment specialists coordinate appropriate placements and function as a liaison to allow you a smooth transition by navigating this process for you.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Building a solid foundation is essential to a long-term life of recovery. Synergy Sobriety Solutions offers partial hospitalization programming that meets six days a week for five hours each day. Day or partial hospitalization (ASAM Level II.5) involves treatment in the program during normal working hours, but the person returns to their residence during the evening hours. These individuals have to assume more responsibility than would be the case in inpatient treatment. A prerequisite for this type of treatment is a supportive, stable family. Family dynamics and environmental factors are leading causes contributing to addiction. In recognizing these challenges, we offer collaboration with local sober living communities to ensure you have a safe comfortable atmosphere without distraction so you can concentrate solely on rebuilding your life. You will learn to recognize triggers, manage stress, and build healthy relationships during this time.  We aim to prepare you to resume life outside the controlled environment and regain your sense of self.  

Aftercare Program

Long-term recovery from substance use addiction typically requires supportive services beyond the initial period of treatment. Aftercare programming usually includes a clearly defined plan which helps the client to monitor his or her progress once they leave primary care.


A detailed plan of meetings, therapy if warranted, journaling, how to plan a day, a week a month in safety is often worked on by the client and counselor. This is used by the client as a handbook to help them on their journey. The client has this as a reference to help monitor how they are doing. At Synergy Sobriety Solutions, all clients receive comprehensive case management and aftercare services to allow for a smooth transition in a continuum of care.


Avoiding a disconnect of services assists in decreasing risks of relapse. When completing a level of care in treatment, the next steps are essential to further support the success of long-term recovery. At Synergy, our professional staff helps you to determine the most appropriate placement that works best for you.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) meets at a minimum of three hours each day at least three times a week. You have an opportunity to continue your treatment while slowly integrating back into a sober society. Gainful employment, family commitments, and resolutions are a focus that can cause unpleasant feelings. This is a crucial time to remain in treatment so you can rely on the support needed to strengthen your coping skills to maintain balance in your recovery. For your convenience, we offer this level of care in the day and evening hours to accommodate your schedule.

Outpatient Program

We continue to offer traditional outpatient services, typically scheduled as one individual and one group session per week. Additional services offered at this level of care may include case management, medication management, and community integration support. By working on identifying issues that have contributed to past use, clients can experience a fuller more meaningful life.

Alumni Program

Our Alumni Program is comprised of a close network of people in recovery who have completed treatment at Synergy Sobriety Solutions. Maintaining these relationships is imperative for clients to remain involved in a non-chemical using network of peer support.

Our flourishing alumni community supports each other and allows themselves and newcomers to live another day in recovery. Many individuals in this phase have acquired: stable employment, own a business and have developed community or family relations as they begin their new life free of addiction. Others that do not have these skills mastered, require additional support services in these areas to address these needs. Linkages and services are made to assist the client in transitioning into his/her next stage of recovery.

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