About Synergy Solution


Synergy offers proven maximum medical and therapeutic treatment in a truly family-like supportive atmosphere. SYNERGY SOBRIETY SOLUTIONS offers all levels of care from outpatient detox, (PHP) Partial Hospitalization, (IOP) Intensive Outpatient, and (OP) Outpatient into our biggest strength. Our Alumni Program and Aftercare Plan with continued lifelong support.

Why Medication-Assisted Treatments

Not all but some clients:

⦁    Chronic relapsers, chronic overdoses, trauma-based past, constantly in and out of rehab facilities, never staying sober longer than 90 days.
⦁    It is the American Medical Association’s number one recommendation for treating opioid addiction.
⦁    MAT is safe and effective.
⦁    MAT diminishes cravings for drugs and alcohol which is the main reason that leads to relapse in early recovery.
⦁    The client is no longer fighting extremely strong cravings, keeps them from lying, stealing, committing crimes, to be able to use.
⦁    MAT reduces relapse rates by as much as 70%.
⦁    MAT prevents overdose.