Outpatient Detox Program

The first step in the recovery process is detox. We must physically get well before we can emotionally, spiritually and psychologically get better. It is essential that an individual rids the body of all the toxins accumulated throughout active addiction. We strongly believe in keeping our clients as comfortable as possible, medicated properly so they do not suffer the terrible symptoms of withdrawal. The reason many people do not even attempt to get clean and sober is the fear of withdrawal. At Synergy, you need not have those fears. We want our clients as comfortable as possible so they feel like a new person when it is time to move on to their next phase of recovery whatever that maybe.

The benefit of having an outpatient detox is convenience. Some people have jobs or families and responsibilities they just can simply not walk away from for days at a time. With outpatient detox, an individual is seen by a medical professional every day and treated just as if they were in a residential detox, but they can continue their responsibilities while detoxing themselves from the toxins and they have accumulated while using.